GLOBAL FINANCIAL MARKETS are becoming more complex and are evolving at an ever increasing pace. Competing in the global marketplace demands that service providers keep pace with change to deliver efficient levels of service. This requires state-of-the-art communications and technological systems. At Genesis, we are committed to the development and continuous enhancement of our technological infrastructure. All data systems are constantly monitored and upgraded to reflect new market trends and developments.


Our fund accounting software provides full support for all multi-currency systems and foreign exchange accounting and operational functions. It handles a multiplicity of accounting entries as well as processing all types of portfolio transactions for equity, fixed income, options, futures and other complex securities. It offers extensive, automated data interfaces with major prime brokerage and custodians, thereby enabling us to increase our back office productivity by reducing manual processing tasks.

For administration, registrar and transfer agency services, IPBS® is used to process subscriptions, redemptions and transfers. The system is fully integrated and allows for the provision of automatic cash reconciliation. The system also greatly assists by providing audit trails for regulatory and financial reporting and KYC purposes.

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